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PAS 6010 - The Solid Contact Clarifier Tank type Sludge Recirculation
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    PAS Standard

PAS 6010 - Wire for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Processes

PAS 6010:2020 provides a specification covering the wire used in wire-fed directed energy deposition additive manufacturing (DED AM).

Specify and define requirements for wire with PAS 6010: 2020

  • PAS 6010 provides requirements for the wire, covering dimensions, tolerances, cast/helix, and more.

  • It supports the production of wire to an appropriate quality for DED AM, resulting in stable builds.

  • PAS 6010 also supports the qualification of directed energy deposition additive manufacturing.

  • It helps users accelerate innovation, enter new markets and increase trust in their outputs.

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