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Brochures : PAS 235 Provitamin A carotenoids in maize, cassava & sweet potato
  • Standards Document
    PAS Standard

Provitamin A Carotenoids in Maize, Cassava & Sweet Potato - PAS 235

PAS 235:2022 sets vitamin A targets, enhancing maize, cassava, and sweet potato production and ensuring clarity for nutrient-enriched crops.

Streamline and enhance your provitamin A enriched staple crop production

  • PAS 235 streamlines the production of provitamin A enriched staple crops.

  • It provides clear requirements for PVAC concentration, sampling, packaging, and labelling.

  • PAS 235 offers a universal definition of 'nutrient enriched', facilitating smoother trade.

  • Its use boosts the nutritional content of these staple foods for improved public health.

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