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Process Improvement: Auditor - Core Tools (Aerospace) Training Course

Process Improvement: Auditor - Core Tools (Aerospace) Training Course

Level Internal auditor Duration 2 days
Available to book: Instructor led training £2000 + VAT Request a quote

This two-day training course is specially designed to provide in-depth knowledge and develop necessary skills on how to effectively audit aviation, space and defence organizations and their adoption of core tools. The course will encourage auditors to move beyond basic conformity, and effectiveness auditing, and consider the appropriateness and suitability of organization practices/process controls. The core tools, when applied, will be evaluated in light of the strategic purpose, direction and context of an organization.

The course is built around a comprehensive Case Study and tailored workshops to assist in the development of the necessary skills. 

How will you benefit?

This course will help you develop your auditing expertise by learning techniques to move beyond assessing conformity and effectiveness and into considering other factors that are important to an organization’s robustness, improvement and success.

Keeping audit methodologies appropriate to an organization’s strategic direction, aims and context, is essential to both the auditor and organization. This course will benefit you by providing guidance in how to do this and will consider methods for auditing the core tools.

  • You will learn enhanced techniques and methodologies to gather and evaluate audit information about an organization and its activities. Techniques will focus on gathering and analysing information about an organization’s:

    • Strategic purpose aims and context – you will learn how to identify and gather information that will enable audits to focus on what is important to a business, its purpose and aims and to use this as a basis for auditing a business’s activities in order to determine suitability and effectiveness
    • Methods for resource determination and provision, giving consideration to the impact on delivery performance – you will learn how to use information gathered around a business’s delivery performance and resource planning activities in order to determine if the business is effective in ensuring such information is understood, accurate and appropriately applied
    • Use and application of core tools:
      • Problem Solving – Root Cause, Corrective Action (RCCA) – you will learn how to determine the extent of an organization’s problem solving processes and whether these are being used sufficiently and effectively in establishing true root cause and then identifying and implementing appropriate improvements
      • APQP/PPAP, PFMEA – you will learn how to approach auditing these broad subjects and develop strategies for drilling down into detail whilst taking into account other organization contextual information, to determine if these tools are being appropriately applied and effectively managed during business change (e.g. work transfer)
      • MSA/SPC – you will learn to determine whether these tools are being applied in an appropriate manner, data is gathered and analysed accurately, and subsequent actions are effective in ensuring processes are capable and risks of providing non-conforming parts are reduced
      • FAIR/Configuration controls – you will learn to consider how best to approach auditing products with more complex configuration controls and select FAIRs that represent an organization’s activities. You will consider how robust an organization’s processes are for completing FAIRs and ensuring that production processes are suitably in place, during high risk activities such as work transfer

    You will have the skills to:

    • Make smart audit decisions based on understanding the current context of a business and its activities
    • Audit into each of the subjects listed above with an improved understanding of how to approach each subject and how to go deeper
    • Provide feedback to senior management on how effective the QMS is and align findings with the business’s strategic goals and aims
  • This course is designed for all internal, second party or lead auditors who have experience of AS/EN/JISQ 9100/9110/9120 and want to develop their auditing skills and consider the application of the aerospace core tools.

    • Detailed course notes
    • On completion, you'll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate
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