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Lead Implementer Training Course - ISO 14001:2015

Lead Implementer Training Course - ISO 14001:2015

Level Implementation Duration 2 days
Available to book: Virtual instructor led training £1375 + VAT Book your place
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This two-day course from your partner in learning is designed for those who are responsible for leading the implementation and upgrade of the management system in their organization.

You’ll learn about environmental management system (EMS) requirements, how to implement an EMS and how to identify the leadership skills required to manage a robust system.

Specific skills including support and planning tools, effective delegation and motivation are also discussed and explained. With guidance from an expert tutor, you’ll learn which components of ISO 14001:2015 are required from an implementation perspective. 

On completion of this training you will have the knowledge of ISO 14001:2015 and the methods for its implementation, and the skills to effectively lead, manage and delegate activities to ensure the effective implementation of 14001 within your organization.

  • This course will help you:

    • Communicate the benefits of aligning a management system to ISO 14001:2015
    • Identify the roles, responsibilities, and behaviours of an effective Lead Implementer
    • Be able to conduct a gap analysis of a management system against ISO 14001:2015 criteria
    • Produce an ISO 14001 implementation plan
    • Be able to engage implementation stakeholders to support the implementation of changes to align the management system to ISO 14001
    • Be able to present an implementation plan for ISO 14001 alignment to top management and senior stakeholders
    • Produce project objectives that are aligned to the project scope and intended outcomes
    • Produce tools to support and enable project team members to meet their objectives
    • Produce aspects and impacts register to take account of an organization’s context, objectives, risks, and opportunities
    • Produce a project risk register and associated controls to support stakeholders to manage risks when completing their actions
    • Be able to hold project team meetings and coordinate project activities
    • Produce an environmental audit programme and resources to support the conduct of environmental audits within an organization
    • Produce a corrective action plan
    • Be able to close a project and capture lessons learnt to support the demonstration of organizational learning
    • Those who are responsible for leading the implementation and upgrade the management system in their organization
    • Globally recognized BSI certificate of attendance, upgraded to a certificate of competence upon successful completion of the post-course assessment
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