PD 8101 Smart city planning guidelines

During major new infrastructure development, it’s more cost-effective to install new infrastructureor the appropriate software at build stage than having to retrofit later.

The challenge is that few cities have clear ideas as to their precise future smart city requirements at this present time and there are few models of what should be specified in order to cost effectively meet potential future requirements. By providing local authorities with models of good practice, new developments will be built in a way that will support smart city aspirations at minimal cost.

This document gives guidance on what is needed to plan for any new development to support the smart city plans for a given area. It provides an overview of the key issues to be considered, as well as more detailed guidance on issues identified as priorities.

PD 8101 Smart cities. Guide to the role of the planning and development process is for use by local authority planning and regeneration officers to identify good practice in a UK context, and what tools they could use to implement this good practice.