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TL 9000 - Telecoms Quality Management - IT engineer at work
System Certification

TL 9000 - Telecoms Quality Management

Strengthening quality across the global telecoms industry

Globalization of the telecoms industry is driving the need to apply a common set of quality requirements throughout the supply chain.

TL 9000 defines the telecommunications quality system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of products and services. It includes performance and cost-based measurements for reliability and quality performance.

Optimize your business' durability and quality

Strengthen the uniqueness of your organization's telecoms provision with a robust quality management framework.

TL 9000 - Telecoms Quality Management - Colleagues in a Meeting
  • Deliver a reliable and consistent service through quality management.

  • Measure, monitor and continually improve your quality management in an industry-specific standard.

  • Identify ways to cut costs, speed up delivery and increase revenue.

  • Increase competitiveness and open up new market opportunities.

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