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Access Markets, Comply, Innovate and Differentiate Through Certification

Create consumer confidence in your products and services and gain access to global markets with our range of testing and certification services.

Certification that places your products in popular global markets and proves their quality and safety.

Accelerate progress in your organization by gaining access to new or global markets through CE marking, UKCA marking, Benchmark, or ESMA, as we help you meet local regulations and ensure product compliance across borders.

Give your consumers confidence in the outstanding quality, safety and trustworthiness of your products with BSI Kitemark certification.


Offering you a broad range of testing and certification capabilities

Get products to market and comply with the latest requirements with comprehensive testing and certification.

From new product development and pre-assessment to gap analysis, batch and compliance testing we're here to help.

Being a notified CE marking body, an approved UKCA marking body and the BSI Kitemark™ owner, lean on us to get your products to market.

Embrace opportunities in new international territories with our assistance

Sharpen your international focus by working together with us to secure new and global markets for your products and services.

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    Get products certified for UKCA, CE, Benchmark, ESMA, Kitemark™, IECEE CB Scheme and more.

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    Global markets access, including UK, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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    We have 70+ years’ of experience in product testing and certification and accredited testing labs.

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    Build customer confidence with independent, repeated testing through BSI Kitemark™ certification.


Answering your questions about product certification

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  • Product testing is the process of ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of safety, quality, digital security, and performance.

    Our product testing involves rigorous, independent assessments conducted by expert test engineers at our labs and partner labs.

    Contact us about product testing
  • A product certification is the end result of a series of tests and assessments.

    A product that has successfully passed rigorous testing and assessment criteria, and is deemed to meet the necessary standards, achieves a product certification.

  • Product certification programmes can help you to meet regulatory, compliance and competitive supply chain contract bid and tender requirements, and access new markets.

    Product certification programmes that we certify to include:

    • CE and UKCA Marking.
    • IECCB Scheme.
    • ENEC.
    • SASO conformity assessment.
    • Australia Gas.
    • Benchmark.
    • BSI Kitemark™ certification.
    Discover Kitemark Certification Programs
  • Your organization can achieve Kitemark certification by successfully completing and passing the required application, testing and assessment requirements.

    Specific assessment requirements differ depending on the Kitemark program that you wish to achieve.

    Popular Kitemark programmes include:

    • Carbon neutrality.
    • Inclusive customer service.
    • BIM (building information modelling).
    • Construction product quality and safety.
    • IoT digital security.
    • Electrical goods.
    • Gas appliances.
    • Fire suppression.
    • PPE (personal protective equipment) quality, safety, and efficacy.
    Discover Kitemark Certification Programs
  • 1- Identify the Directives / Regulations that apply to your product.

    Find out if a Notified Body is required for CE/ UKCA marking. If unsure, get in touch and we can support you.

    2- Apply for marking.

    We perform a contract review and work with you to develop a quotation and estimated timeline.

    3- Testing/ assessment including:

    • Requirements according to product category and Directive/ Regulation.
    • Self declaration of product testing and Factory Production Control (where applicable).
    • Notified Body (BSI) activity- Inspection, continuous surveillance, type testing, audit testing.

    4- Upon successful assessment, certification is issued.

    5- Once certified, affix a CE/ UKCA marking to the product.

    Produce a Declaration of Conformity/ Performance.

    Discover CE Marking
  • A hybrid audit programme combines physical face-to-face audits, remote audits and integrated technology.

    • A more streamlined process.
    • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint.
    • Broader global access.
    • Improved efficiency, productivity and well-being.
    • More seamless audit process.
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