Testing Services


As well as testing your products for CE marking and Kitemark, we can provide testing services before and after you receive your certification, or even when no standard already exists.

New products on the horizon? Changes to existing products? Plan your journey with us.

Indicative testing / pre-assessment

If you’re in the process of getting new products to market, we can help prove your innovation, and get your products to where you want them to be more quickly. Talking to us early in the process can give you confidence that everything you need to consider is covered.

Why indicative testing?

Any non-conformities can be identified at an early stage, reducing the need for re-testing during a formal compliance test. Plus you’ll experience our testing capabilities which will give you a clear insight into what to expect, how we do business, and how we look after you and your products.

Commercial advantage

Indicative testing can help you get your products to market more quickly. If you have a new product launch or new market in mind, this can help speed up the route to market. Investment up front could help you steal a march on your competitors in the longer term.

Talk to us today about your product development plans.

Extension to scope

Need to make sure your product is up to date? Has something changed which needs to be reflected in your certificate?

Our clients regularly look to add to the scope of their certificates, to reflect changes to materials or technical updates. If anything changes, we can work with you to make sure your certificate is still up to date and accurately reflects your products.

Reasons why a certificate and the relative products might need to change:

  1. Standards change
  2. Materials change
  3. You bring out a new product range

As your products are renewed or revised, we’ll be there to make sure that technically your certificate is still sound. Our technical experts will discuss with you what’s needed and when.

What’s the commercial advantage?

With an up to date certificate, you can sell with confidence. And for any manufacturer looking to maintain their BSI Kitemark certificate, we’ll support you by including your products in our product and services directory. Your customers can check to make sure that the details are correct, as endorsed by BSI.

Testing when no standard exists

Standards naturally have a time lag. As a result, manufacturers of new or adapted products are concerned about how to bring them to market when there are no relevant standards available.

If no established standards are appropriate for a product, we can often use other specifications or technical documents, such as trade association specifications or what are known as publically available specifications (PAS). As long as they’re robust, developed by consensus and publicly available, and we can run a valid certification scheme to them.

We’ve also been able to develop certification by combining clauses from a number of standards, in order to develop an offering which is fit for purpose. From rooflights to customer service, we’ve recently established certification in order to support and meet our client’s needs.


You might very well be the first to market, gaining a significant competitive edge.

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