What is PAS 2080 verification?

Following the Infrastructure Carbon Review in 2013 it was identified that infrastructure is responsible for over 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions therefore PAS 2080 was designed to specifically address the management of carbon in infrastructure.

It looks at the whole life cycle of the carbon used on projects and promotes reduced carbon, reduced cost infrastructure delivery and a culture of challenge in the infrastructure value chain where innovation can be fostered.

The BSI verification scheme supports clients in industry by assessing your delivery of projects to PAS 2080 requirements, your measurement and monitoring of carbon against the delivery of a project, and the management of your supply chain, or your role within it.

It helps you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to carbon reduction in the market place
  • Measure and monitor carbon reduction
  • Collaborate on projects across the supply chain
  • Gain a competitive edge when bidding for tenders