Total metering and billing systems approval kitemark scheme

The BSI Kitemark Metering and Billing Scheme aims to ensure that billing systems and those functions that feed into the billing process, are accurate and robust, as well as meeting all relevant regulatory requirements.

The Kitemark scheme achieves this aim by measuring the accuracy of metering and billing within Communication Providers.

The National Regulatory Authority (NRA), Ofcom, assisted by Approval Bodies, administers the Approval Scheme for Total Metering and Billing Systems (TMBS), employed by Communication Providers which are to be approved by a UKAS Accredited and Ofcom appointed approval body.

The whole process is aimed at identifying the weak links in the total system and strengthening them to ensure sustainably accurate billing and revenue recovery results to meet both commercial and regulatory objectives.

The TMBS Approval Scheme addresses Mobile and Fixed-Line; Pre-Pay and Post-Pay, Wholesale and Retail Metering and Billing activities of Communications Providers.

The Ofcom Metering and Billing Scheme is applicable to UK but can be used and delivered to off-shore clients.

More BSI Kitemark benefits

  • Helps you stand out from your competitors
  • Provides a vital commercial edge
  • Shows your customers that you deliver quality, safe products or services
  • You have been independently audited or tested to ensure that you consistently deliver such quality, safe, reliable products or services