Reduce risk and enhance your reputation with IECQ AQP, a new quality assurance programme delivered by BSI

A series of costly and damaging product recalls and scandals in the car industry means companies in the automotive sector are now more safety and quality-conscious than ever before. Leading manufacturers are looking for reliable ‘supply chain verification’ tools - and this is where IECQ AQP comes in.

Developed by the IECQ (the International Electrotechnical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) and delivered by BSI, IECQ AQP (Automotive Quality Programme) provides a single global standard for electronic components and sub-assemblies used by automotive manufacturers.

Suppliers who achieve certification demonstrate that their products meet the necessary quality, safety, and reliability requirements - and will therefore be perceived as lower risk by buyers.

A level playing field

Inconsistency and lack of clarity have made it hard for the makers of cars and other vehicles to compare different suppliers of electronic components reliably and fairly. Companies have tended to use their own equipment to carry out reliability and performance tests, working to different standards and reporting results in different ways.

IECQ AQP changes all that. By providing a standardized way of testing and standardized reporting formats, it improves consistency and clarity, helping to level the playing field for suppliers.

Operational improvements

Greater clarity and consistency means greater efficiency and lower costs. Time and money are saved as duplicate testing by vehicle makers is avoided. The knock-on effects in terms of lead times and product roll-out can be considerable.

Once implemented, an IECQ AQP programme can drive operational improvements, creating value for both the makers of vehicles and their suppliers.

A respected, global mark

The IECQ provides a global framework for the assessment of electronic components and associated materials, assemblies, and processes by independent, approved Certification Bodies (CBs) such as BSI. It uses specifications based on International Standards developed by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that now represents more than 80 countries.

The standards agreed by the IEC are adopted by all its member nations. IECQ AQP, therefore, provides quality assurance for automotive manufacturers all over the world. It is a globally recognized and globally respected ‘mark’.

It effectively ‘authenticates’ a business for safety, quality, reliability and professionalism. Certificates of conformity issued by BSI will be held securely on the IECQ website.

Working with us

BSI collaborates closely with its clients to benefit their businesses. Joining the IECQ AQP programme is easy. Request a free quote below.

Once you’ve applied, we will arrange a ‘surveillance’ visit to inspect your site and manufacturing processes. We will then test random samples of your products and, where necessary, advise on where improvements need to be made.

We will also help you maintain a QMS (Quality Management System) and records and documents that meet IECQ requirements.

Our assessment team will return regularly to ensure you still qualify for the standard. Verifying IECQ AQP compliance annually, BSI provides ongoing quality assurance to win the long-term confidence of buyers.

The benefits

BSI-certified IECQ AQP:

  • Acts as a ‘red flag’ - helping identify potential technical problems early
  • Improves a supplier’s reputation and increases the confidence of buyers
  • Helps ‘professionalize’ a business by improving transparency and ensuring compliance with global technical and reporting standards
  • Creates value
  • Strengthens relationships between suppliers and buyers by providing ongoing quality assurance