Shared Flue Inspections

A full inspection and assessment service for shared flue systems

BSI Fluescan provides peace of mind for the owners and landlords of apartment blocks and their managing agents.

Shared flue systems

If you own or manage properties made up of multiple dwellings, the chances are you’ll be legally responsible for the maintenance and safety of shared flue systems.

Typically found in high-rise buildings, but installed in some low-rise properties, too, these systems avoid the need for outside flues or chimneys for every single apartment or flat in a residential block. They provide combustion air to gas appliances such as boilers, water heaters and gas fires, and allow the products of combustion - for example, the toxic gas, carbon monoxide - to be taken away safely.

Failure to maintain a shared flue system properly can lead to unsafe gas appliances - and, in the worst cases, death.

BSI Fluescan: first for safety, first for service, first choice

What is Fluescan?

Fluescan is a full inspection and assessment service that involves the use of sophisticated video cameras and specialist endoscope equipment that can assess all parts of the shared flue system. We can also monitor duct velocity and conduct combustion checks that provide the right solution for your shared flue safety and maintenance needs.

BSI is able to conduct inspections on all three-flue types, “SE-Duct”, “U-Duct” and the less common “Shunt-Duct”.

The legal requirements

To fulfil their obligations under The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, landlords and the owners of buildings or those acting for them, for example, managing agents and property management companies, must ensure all shared flue systems are maintained in a safe condition and inspected every 12 months.

Meeting these legal requirements depends on trusted third parties with the specialist skills and knowledge to carry out inspections.

Why BSI?

BSI Fluescan is the obvious choice for anyone looking for a shared flue inspection service:

  • We are currently the only organization approved for shared-flue system inspection by UKAS, the government-recognized body that ‘inspects the inspectors’
  • We have detailed understanding of the legal requirements, having helped draft The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations, and guidelines issued by the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM)
  • Fluescan uses sophisticated video cameras and specialist endoscope equipment to ‘scan’ and access all parts of all shared flue-systems, including Se-duct, U-duct and shunt-duct systems
  • We provide full safety audits, monitoring duct velocity and carrying out combustion checks
  • BSI Fluescan is not just a technical service: it’s an advisory service, too. Our inspectors work closely with clients to find solutions that work for them. This ‘bespoke’ element differentiates us from other providers of shared-flue inspection services

The business benefits

BSI Fluescan:

  • Ensures safe operation of shared systems
  • Minimises legal and compliance risks
  • Improves safety and efficiency
  • Helps find the most effective solutions to problems

Fluescan typically consists of six key steps:

  1. Our team discusses your requirements with you
  2. You complete an application form
  3. Dates are agreed for inspections
  4. Inspections take place
  5. We provide inspection scans, a DVD, and bespoke reports
  6. We explain the results of tests and discuss the findings of reports with you