Remanufacturing is one of the sectors selected for Outcome 2 of the UK-China Business Environment Programme Standards Strand: improvement in the quality of standards submitted to international standards-setting bodies.

As there are currently no international standards for remanufacturing, one of the main aims is to submit new proposals to ISO and to set up a new international area for the work such as a new committee or sub-committee. By working with China to improve the quality of common standards for remanufacturing, we hope to stimulate the industry, creating opportunities for new businesses and new employment in the sector.

The environmental benefits of remanufacturing are linked to overall economic and social benefits. With processes that require significantly less raw materials, energy and water, and which produce less carbon and waste, remanufacturing has a critical role to play in meeting carbon and waste reduction targets, and safeguarding shared resources.

Process for joint development of proposals for international adoption

  • Establish a joint working group to identify areas of common ground and agree on areas for collaboration
  • Technical expert exchanges to develop content and plan for the introduction of new work item proposals
  • Post ballot assessments and follow up actions including lessons learned
  • Communications strategy to promote awareness on the importance of international standards