International Projects

What we do

BSI’s International Projects (IP) team has worked in over 50 developing countries and transition economies over the last 20 years. Our interventions have been designed to help improve those countries’ quality infrastructure, trade and investment flows, and to facilitate increased opportunities for market access by bringing procedures into line with international standards and requirements.

Our IP team work with institutions responsible for standardization, certification and conformity assessment, testing laboratories, metrology, accreditation, market surveillance, consumer protection and technical regulation, as well as with private sector companies and professional associations.

Funded predominantly by public sector bodies and institutions, the technical assistance projects cover a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing and processing, infrastructure, food safety, health, environment, energy and low carbon technology, digital, services, procurement and governance.

The IP team is made up of a network of international consultants and project managers. They carry out a range of activities, which includes providing policy advice and recommendations, training programmes, specialised seminars and workshops, and updating legislation and regulations.

The countries our international team has worked with recognise that our interventions are crucial for growth and greater prosperity. With our expertise, they are better equipped to manage technical committees, train colleagues and to develop national quality infrastructure which is key when competing and trading in global markets.