Built Environment and Fire Standards Forum

**This event has been cancelled**

Shape the future of Built Environment and Fire Standardization

The Built Environment and Fire industry recognizes and accepts the need for:

  • The highest possible safety requirements
  • Essential skills and training for the adoption of best practice
  • Environmentally-conscious  processes and procedures throughout the supply chain
  • Implementing design and construction processes

We are the UK National Standards Body and we provide standards that will deliver expertise and guidance for the built environment and fire sectors.

We are holding a Built Environment and Fire Standards Forum to bring together a wide range of industry experts and decision makers to discuss the role of standards in these two key sectors and would like to invite you. 

By attending this half-day forum, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the forthcoming changes to key standards and hear about the impact they will have on you, your organization, and the industry
  • Discuss how standards in the built environment and fire sectors contribute to improvements in shareholder value, customer perception and competitive advantage
  • Find out about new mandatory initiatives and learn about incorporating innovative fire safety design in modern buildings
  • Examine how standards can support a built environment that is sustainable, efficient and technologically advanced
  • Actively engage in discussions and network with other decision makers from the industry

Along with other industry professionals, your expertise will help to identify core issues facing these sectors and will assist in ensuring the contribution of future standards improve performance throughout the built environment and fire sectors.