ISO 14001 Revision Workshop

Free event

Date: Tuesday 18 November 2014 (10:00-15:00)

LocationThe Clerkenwell Centre, 61 Lever St, London, EC1V 3AR

ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management systems (and an integral part of the EU EMAS regulation) is currently undergoing its first major revision since publication in 1996.  The standard – which over 285,000 organizations worldwide are now certified to – has just moved a step closer to completion and the latest draft is currently available to buy online.

Changes include: 

  • The introduction of terms, definitions, headings and text to be used across all management systems standards
  • Strengthening the links with, and responsibility by, top management
  • A greater understanding of the context of the organisation
  • Effects on the organization from the environment (climate change)
  • Increased emphasis on the organization’s value chain, and consideration of outsourced processes

In this workshop, UK environmental experts and UK representatives of the ISO 14001 working group will talk through the new standard. 

And we hope to hear from you, the ISO 14001 user, on what you think about the latest draft of the revised standard.

By attending, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain early understanding of what the new standard will look like
  • Take part in key areas of discussion and contribute to the UK view
  • Question those actively participating in the drafting and development of the new standard
  • Address concerns about how ISO 45001 may impact on organizations currently certified to OHSAS 18001
  • Discover challenges faced by business currently certified to OHSAS ISO 18001

Delegates will be able to:

  • Ask the UK experts questions on the latest draft
  • Get a better understanding of new concepts in the standard
  • Discuss the changes with like-minded experts
  • Take part in round table discussions
  • Tell BSI what works and what doesn’t

Please note – to take part in discussions effectively you should have read ISO DIS 14001:

BSI draft review

BSENISO 14001. Environmental managemental management systems. 

Speakers include:

David Fatscher
Head of Market Development – Sustainability, BSI Standards

Martin Baxter
Martin is the Executive Director, Policy and Engagement, at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. Martin is Chairman of the UK mirror committees on environmental standardisation and is a member of the international working group representing the UK.

Clare Hann
Clare is the Global Product Technical Manager at BSI for EMS and represents the Association of British Certification Bodies on the UK mirror committee that feeds into the ISO 14001 work. 

Mike Henigan
Mike is the ISO Secretary to TC 207 SC1 WG5, the working group who are undertaking the revision of ISO 14001.  He is also Secretary to ISO TC 207 SC1 on environmental management systems.

Nigel Leehane
Nigel is the Managing Director of environmental management consultancy, CRA Europe. He is also Chairman of the UK mirror committee to ISO and is a member of the international working group representing UK.