Circular economy – stakeholder forum

Free event

Date: Tuesday 8 April 2014 (10:00-16:30)

Locationetc.venues, One Drummond Gate, Victoria, London, SW1V 2QQ

Waste prevention, and the move to a 'circular economy', has been identified as a significant opportunity for UK business to contribute towards a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy. This will help businesses to reduce their costs, reduce their supply risks, and generate more value in what they do.  

The HMG Review of Waste Policies (Defra 2011) recommends that government "work with standard setting organizations to encourage inclusion of more waste prevention requirements in...product standards".

Take a driving seat on the journey towards a circular economy. As part of our Waste Prevention and Circular Economy Project, help us find out whether the development of standards initiatives in the area of the circular economy has the potential to benefit business, the economy and society.

This event provides a unique opportunity to get together with your peers and colleagues, review recent BSI research, and explore the needs and options for standards development in specific areas of the circular economy and how such standards could benefit industry. 

Your expertise, knowledge and opinions matters to us, and will enable us to gain a better understanding of how to:

  • Consolidate and build upon existing effort
  • Determine opportunities and priority areas
  • Advance waste prevention and circular economy thinking and practices

By actively participating and sharing your experiences, we’ll explore opportunities for collaborative standardization initiatives and try to answer questions such as:

  • Is there a need to standardize the circular economy and 'closed loop' approaches?
  • Are there aspects of product standardization that need to be enhanced?
  • What are the key industries where standards can support waste prevention and closed loop systems?
  • What are the key issues and potential solutions for waste prevention standardization?
  • Can closed loop practices address resource scarcity concerns?

Who should attend?

All those accountable for waste prevention, resource efficiency and innovation within their organizations including:

  • Heads of sustainability
  • Heads of compliance
  • Academics
  • Standards and scheme developers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers
  • Cleaning and waste managers
  • Sustainability managers
  • Environment managers
  • Procurement managers.

Use the event hashtag on Twitter #BSIcircecon


09:30   Registration, tea and coffee
10:00   Welcome 

Gallery walk through the key findings of the BSI waste prevention and circular economy research.  How can standards support waste prevention and the move to a circular economy?

11:00   Tea and coffee
11:20   A world café style exploration of the blockers and enablers to mainstreaming waste prevention and the circular economy. What role do/can standards play?
13:00   Lunch
14:00   Your burning issues: participant led discussion topics using open space market place techniques
15.00   Tea and coffee
15:20   Continuation of participant led discussion topics using open space market place techniques
16.00   Plenary
Mapping needs and priorities
Next steps 
16:30   Close