PASs for Private Sector

With increasing pressure on businesses to grow, improve efficiency, manage risks and be more sustainable, standardization is becoming an essential discussion point in the boardroom.

Sponsoring a PAS can demonstrate leadership and provide and industry-backed response to a specific sector issue. 

Here are some of the reasons why our sponsors worked with us on a PAS:


  • Build trust with your customers, suppliers and contractors that your product or service meets quality and safety criteria developed through expert industry consensus
  • Support growth in innovative products or services across emerging sectors and markets
  • Increase global reach through partnership with BSI
  • Become a thought leader


  • Self-regulatory approach to resolving the threat of increased regulation and red-tape
  • Avoid costs associated with compliance or penalties for non-compliance
  • PAS can be used as a basis to support Certification schemes

Credibility and Quality

  • PASs are co-branded with the sponsoring organization's logo and the BSI logo
  • PASs can provide test methods or codes of practice to demonstrate that a product or service is of agreed quality
  • Setting the bar for quality of goods and services