Developing new standards

New standards get developed when people realize that there’s a need for one. A new type of product might need standardizing, an industrial process might need regulating to protect workers or consumers, or a business might simply decide it wants to create its own private standard to standardize its own processes.

There are three principal routes to developing a standard, depending on which type needs developing: British Standard, PAS or bespoke standard.

Get involved in developing a British Standard

If you’re a manufacturer, a consumer, an academic or a regulator with an interest in a particular area, join one of our committees and help develop British Standards. 

Developing a PAS to meet immediate market need

If you’re looking to develop a standard that fulfils an immediate market need, then work with us and sponsor the development of a PAS. 

Developing a bespoke standard for your business

Improve your internal processes by working with us to develop your own standard. 

Other ways to help develop standards

There are many other ways that you can help develop standards or get involved with standards. You can suggest an idea for a new standard or view and comment on proposals for new standards. You can also view or comment on standards that have been drafted, become a consumer representative or an author, and much more.

Standards development briefings

In our standards development briefings we outline some of the key projects we've recently completed and shed light on new issues we're addressing. Our 'Standards Outlook 2016' has just been published.