Who should become a Member?

BSI Membership has clear benefits for any organization that uses standards, but there are some organizations that can gain even more than most.

If you use more than one standard

Many organizations start off by using just one standard and over time they may add other standards, making it harder to ensure that they’re up-to-date and increasing the costs. But with Membership, staying up-to-date is simple and the 50% discount on British Standards can cut your costs dramatically.

If you offer a wide range of products and services

Businesses offering many products and services will often use standards to ensure quality across the board. Membership makes it simpler to stay up-to-date with our automatic updates service and BSI’s Update Standards magazine – and reduces costs too.

If you export around the world

When you sell to other countries you’ll often want to know what the standards are where you’re selling. The Knowledge Centre is a superb resource that can give you answers quickly.

If you represent an industry, sector, trade or profession

Representative bodies will very often be involved in setting standards in their field, which means it’s important they keep up with current thinking in standards.

If you set rules or codes

If you're in the business of setting best practice or rules that other people follow, you’ll frequently want to research what standards have to say about particular issues. BSI Membership allows you to use our Knowledge Centre’s researchers and database of standards from around the world.

If you certify and inspect products, services or systems

Organizations that provide certification must be up-to-date on the latest thinking in their areas, and that means staying current with standards. That’s where BSI’s PLUS service and Update Standards magazine will be an important resource.