Save 50% on standards and conferences

As a BSI Member, you enjoy substantial price discounts that in many cases more than outweigh the cost of membership – and that’s not taking into account any of the other benefits of membership.

Up to 50% off standards

You save 50% on the cost of British Standards, 10% on ISO standards and 10% on foreign standards from DIN, ASTM and many others. So if you use several standards, your saving will be significant.

50% off standards subscriptions

You also get 50% off our flagship product BSI Knowledge – a digital platform for discovering, accessing and working with standards. It offers flexible subscriptions to BSI's entire library of standards, great value for money for cross-organization access to multiple standards.

50% off conferences

BSI conferences are an important way for you and your business to keep up with key issues. We run a number of conferences each year, taking an in-depth look at a particular topic, for example quality management, environmental management or business continuity.

The conferences will highlight the current issues and emerging challenges, and discuss ways to address them most effectively. BSI Members typically get a 50% discount on our conferences.