Membership costs

Membership starts from as little as £207 a year and varies depending on the size, type and turnover of your organization. Here’s an ‘at a glance’ guide to give you an idea of what your organization might pay.

  • A small business with a turnover of under £1m pays £207 a year
  • NHS trusts, schools, universities and housing assocs pay £207 a year
  • A small local auth with a population of up to 30,000 pays £271 a year
  • A government body with up to 100 staff pays £494 a year
  • A local authority covering a population of 100,000 pays £857 a year
  • A business with a £50m turnover and 150 employees pays £1,471

The cost of Membership is priced in bands, and the one you fall into depends on the number of employees, annual turnover, annual sales, subscribing income or population.

For more information on pricing, download our Membership subscription rate card (PDF). Prices are valid from 1 June 2022.