Free help from the Knowledge Centre

Members have exclusive access to the BSI Knowledge Centre – a team of professional researchers and a set of databases of standards from all over the world, including withdrawn standards. The Knowledge Centre can help if you want to:

  • Find out if there's a standard for a particular topic
  • Track down a standard elsewhere in the world
  • Know what a standard includes
  • Conduct historical research into standards
  • View a standard before you buy it in our dedicated Members' Reading Room in London

You’ll be in contact with highly skilled information specialists and the service you’ll receive is fast, efficient and free. Our researchers can carry out in-depth searches, not just from our own British Standards collection, but also from collections around the world including over 200 standards organizations in 23 countries.

Our researchers will do the hard work for you, saving you time and money. They're on hand Monday-Friday, 09.00 to 17.00.

‘The Knowledge Centre staff are able to find the information we need, collate it, and get back to me very quickly – the same day, often within just 15 minutes.’

John Chadwick, Quality Systems Manager, Heskin Fabrications

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