How to make the most of the Knowledge Centre

Using international standards databases, our Knowledge Centre professionals can carry out in-depth searches, not just from our own British Standards collection, but also from collections around the world including over 200 standards organizations in 23 countries.

The Knowledge Centre can help you use standards more effectively in a number of key ways. Here are some of the most important.

Find the right standard for a particular need

If you want to find a standard for an existing area of your work or a new area, the Knowledge Centre can search for all those standards that may be relevant, saving you time and effort. Once they’ve completed a piece of research for you, they’ll send you a list of results so that you can make an informed decision on the standards you need and what to do next.

Carry out detailed searches inside a standard

Our subject searching service goes one step further. Our information specialists can carry out keyword searches within the document so you’ll know, in detail, what a standard covers so you'll be able to decide if the standard meets your exact requirements. This service covers current and withdrawn British Standards, foreign and international standards.

Find out what changes mean to you

If you know that a standard has been changed but aren’t sure how, our researchers can help you identify what the changes are. Or if you’re wondering if a standard has been changed they can clarify the status of standards and their amendments.

Understand what a standard includes before you buy

Before you decide to buy a standard you’ll often want to know what it covers. The Knowledge Centre team will send you an outline of what a standard includes.

Look inside standards yourself

As a Member, you have free access to our library of current and withdrawn British Standards, foreign standards and colour charts by visiting our Members’ Reading Room in London.

There, you can also use our online database – British Standards Online (BSOL) – to search and view all current and some withdrawn British Standards. This service is particularly useful if you want to view the full standard before you buy.

Please note, due to our status as the UK National Standards Body and to maintain our independence, we’re unable to interpret or recommend standards. However, we may be able to provide you with a list of alternative organizations that you might be able to contact for further information.