Why Membership makes sense

If you’re using standards to improve your performance, reduce risk, work more sustainably or simply to stay compliant, then you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of those standards. Membership can help you do just that.

Membership helps you use standards in a more efficient, cost-effective and inspiring way. You’ll get a set of very practical benefits that will help you perform better as an organization and help you prove that you’re committed to the highest standards.

Membership benefits

  • When you buy a British Standard, you’ll get up to 50% off the cost. You’ll also get 50% off our subscription products including British Standards Online (BSOL)
  • If you’re thinking of buying a standard, the Knowledge Centre can send you an outline of what’s included – and if you want to know more detail, they can do a keyword search inside the standard
  • You can get hold of a standard without paying upfront – we’ll send you an invoice which you can pay later
  • If there’s a particular area of your work where you’d like to use a standard to perform better, you can ask the Knowledge Centre to find any relevant standards
  • You’ll get half-price admission to BSI’s conferences on important business topics
  • You can join the online Member Directory to advertise your business to new clients and find suppliers that you can trust
  • You’ll always know when the standards that matter to you have been updated, using our PLUS service that automatically sends you new copies of the standards that you use
  • Your Membership certificate will show your clients, customers, suppliers and competitors that you’re committed to standards.
  • You’ll receive a monthly newsletter that gives you information about standards, free offers as well as tips and advice
  • Request to have standards sent to you (postage charges applies)

Non-Members can’t benefit from any of this. They can’t use the BSI Knowledge Centre’s extraordinary resources, get reductions of 50% or receive automatic updates on the standards they use. Only Members can.

So if you’re serious about raising standards in your organization, becoming a Member is an important step to take.