Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP)

SSIP is an umbrella organization facilitating mutual recognition of health and safety assessments between SSIP registered scheme members. It is often a pre-requisite for the construction industry, particularly amongst principal contractors, contractors, principal designers and designers.

SSIP assessment

SSIP’s assessment criteria is based on demonstrating health and safety competence in relation to construction regulations. However the core criteria can be equally relevant to non-construction related companies. It shows that assessed organization’s have the health and safety arrangements to carry out the work safely and without risk to people’s health. The company’s capabilities are reviewed overtime along with their ability to manage associated risks. 

SSIP and ISO 45001

Achieving certification to ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) means you comply with the core criteria of SSIP, (Safety Schemes in Procurement). All clients certified by BSI for ISO 45001 and the SSIP Scheme are automatically registered in to the online SSIP Portal, (, giving you exposure to new business opportunities.

Not only this, but you can remove duplication of certifications and assessments by being recognized by other SSIP member schemes.

What would you use on a tender – SSIP, ISO 45001 or both?

Tenders can vary in terms of their requirements for demonstrable OH&S credentials. They may specifically ask for ISO 45001 accredited certification, SSIP or any number of the sector schemes.  Accredited certification to ISO 45001 that includes SSIP, can demonstrate compliance with each.

Applications for SSIP

When you start discussions on ISO 45001 please let the advisor know your intent to get SSIP included in your scope. This allows us to allocate the trained auditor to your visits and include the small administration fee within the initial quotation – helping to give you visibility from the outset. 

If you are an existing client with BSI who has already achieved ISO 45001 certification and would now like the SSIP recognition please contact us to make your request. For a small administration fee we will re-issue an updated certificate as an administrative change and ensure a SSIP trained auditor audits your organization going forward.