The Importance of Structured Collaboration - Adopting Structured Collaboration to Enhance your Business Relationships On-Demand

Most people are natural collaborators; they just need a common purpose. They also need to apply the right behaviours so they work with others to ensure outcomes are achieved successfully. Because if you want collaboration to last, then how you do it is as important as why you do it.

Introducing any new initiative to an organization can be challenging. This training course is focused on providing high-level insight and guidance for those individuals who may be initially impacted by any changes, or, have been assigned to collaborative programmes.

The training course will provide you with an insight into the key principles encompassed within the ISO 44000 guidance standard, and seeks to address the fundamental objectives and advantages of a structured approach to collaborative working.

This on-demand course will provide the awareness and knowledge required to build and get the best from collaborative business relationships.

How will I benefit?

This course focuses on the advantages of collaboration as a strategic solution. It provides concise learning that will help teams and people develop an understanding of why a structured approach is important, and the principles that can be adopted to support the implementation and management of a collaborative approach.

This course will benefit you by explaining and providing evidence of:

  • The case for structured collaboration and how it will help you get the best from business relationships
  • Why how people think, act, and behave when working collaboratively is important
  • How you can provide a structure using internationally recognized principles
  • How these principles are applied and the advantages gained