Discover the benefits of collaboration

A recent BSI event explored BS 11000 certification, and how it continues to provide a framework for organizations to develop, manage and review their business collaborations, relationships and partnerships.

Bigger contracts, better results, satisfied customers

How collaborative working could work for you. 

You can join organizations like Skanska, and Kelly who are already realizing the benefits of collaboration. If you want to be a part of a large supply chain – regardless of your size or turnover – knowing how to collaborate could give you a competitive edge.

Collaboration isn’t as simple as just picking up the phone. To achieve the best results you’ll need to understand how two organizations can share knowledge, manage joint objectives and how senior managers must be involved.

BSI recently hosted a complimentary event to discuss a year into the certification of BS 11000; the standard for collaborative business relationships and, how businesses are benefiting from its implementation.

With leading organizations in the construction, rail and defence sectors now using BS 11000 and working towards a more collaborate future - can you afford not to join them?

BS 11000 Collaborative Relationships training

The training series has 2 course offerings that follow a structure to help you:

  • familiarize yourself with the standard
  • learn how to implement an collaborative relationship into an organization

A course for individuals and teams who will deal with the operational and technical aspects of managing collaborative relationships in your organization is also available.