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accelerating standards adoption in China - business team consultng during a break at a conference
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A commitment to accelerating standards adoption in China

Partnering with Chinese businesses to develop the regulatory and legal environment for standards that drive social and economic benefits.


“Collaborating on standards development is important as we try to work towards using them globally.” 

UK-China Business Environment Programme Katerina Busuttil, Senior Standards Manager, BSI
accelerating standards adoption in China - young asian drawing a diagram on glass during team workshop
Trusted Partnership

A trusted partnership that helped strengthen trade between China and the UK

Strengthening ties between Chinese and UK businesses with standards-driven economic development.

Supporting trade, innovation and quality assurance, the partnership with the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) is designed to implement an improved business environment.

The Challenge

Navigating the path for mutual growth

To remove barriers to trade between China and the UK, a business environment programme was launched in June 2019 to enable the nationwide adoption of international standards.

The standards strand we managed support the objectives of the Chinese government to improve the harmonization and development of standards, whilst increasing opportunities for international businesses like the UK to access the Chinese market.

With an overall drive to optimize policy for more sustainable and inclusive standards, the programme's focus spans ten sectors, including smart cities, BIM, the sharing economy and battery technology.

The Solution

Taking cooperation to the next level

As well as improving standards adoption, the BEP sought to enhance Chinese standards proposals to international markets, and launch research to measure the societal and economic impact of standards.

Supported by principles of inclusion and sustainability, standards development has progressed to the piloting of eight proposed standards in critical areas, from the Anti-bribery Management System standard (ISO 37001:2016) to Sustainable Development in Communities (ISO 37104).

With nearly 70 joint working group meetings and 40 capacity building and dissemination activities, the appetite for standards has been clear. BEP-commissioned research has also shown the benefits of standards for business growth, productivity and competitiveness.

Impact of the standards strand/project

The positive impact of standards development

accelerating standards adoption in China - group of asian chinese successful office management team
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    Improved adoption, understanding and use of standards in China.

  • home

    Enhanced Chinese capacity around proposing standards.

  • plus

    Greater global alignment and market access for Chinese industries.

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    Research reflects positivity among Chinese businesses around standards.

Measuring the impact of standards

  • 10

    10 standards mappings

  • 8

    8 pilot standards launched

  • 68+

    68+ joint working group meetings

  • 59%

    59% of large firms agree that standards bring higher turnover

  • 64%

    64% say standards improve productivity

  • 71%

    71% of large firms observed larger Chinese market share


“I am confident that the programme will leave behind a strong legacy.” 

Dr Scott Steedman Director of Standards, BSI
accelerating standards adoption in China - business colleagues discussing in the meeting room

Supporting the global adoption of standards

We shape and embed best practice everywhere, helping businesses be future ready. As the world leader in developing standards that enable sustainable growth, BSI can enhance your business environment as your trusted partner in progress.

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Driving a prosperous business environment with standards

Discover how BSI shared its knowledge and expertise to accelerate Chinese standards development, positively impacting business and society.

accelerating standards adoption in China - chinese business people meeting working