Food Fraud Prevention (VACCP) training course

Our Food Fraud Prevention (VACCP) training course has been designed by leading food industry experts to equip you with the most current food industry knowledge on the different methodologies to perform a vulnerability assessment.

The course will enable you to assure the authenticity of your food ingredients and packaging by minimizing vulnerabilities through a risk assessment of your supply chain. You’ll use risk assessment to identify where controls may be required to detect, deter and minimize the potential for food fraud.

Using references to current examples and web-based research activities, you will gain practical skills and develop your confidence. You’ll learn how to document a food fraud assessment to prevent or minimise the impact of food fraud on your organization.   

How will I benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Improve your supply chain resilience
  • Strengthen procurement and sourcing practices within your organization
  • Apply risk-based methodologies to determine significant vulnerabilities to prioritise controls and mitigation strategies
  • Manage, control and reduce the risk of food fraud to your organization

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