Supply chain management in Construction and the Built Environment

As the supply chain network becomes increasingly more complex, the ability to quantify and mitigate your risks throughout the procurement, manufacturing, design, construction and operation lifecycles is vital. If you can identify risks and minimize them you reduce the chances of disruption, as well as protecting your operations, finances and reputation.

What to aim for:

Full visibility across your whole supply chain

  • All parties within your supply follow the same requirements (important for both compliance and performance)
  • Be in a position to gain a competitive advantage from disruptions elsewhere
  • For Directors and Executive teams: robust supply chain management provides evidence of due diligence and business continuity
  • For Procurement, Operations and Contracts Managers: formal frameworks help manage effective supplier relationships, provide visibility and deliver projects on time and on budget

Why work with us?

Whatever your entry point on a project, and no matter where you sit in the supply chain or asset lifecycle, we have solutions that can help you to improve your business.

  • Our team of construction and built environment experts are passionate about business improvement and their specialist subject areas
  • We work with companies right across the supply chain, and understand the challenges they face
  • We bring supply chain partners together, and reinforce best practice in order to build better projects and outcomes