Protecting your workforce and stakeholders

It is vital to keep the health and safety of your workforce at the top of your agenda, and to keep vigilant standards in all areas. Many organizations now have a ‘zero accident’ objective.

Your health and safety management will impact all organizations who visit the site, carry out operations during the design and build phase, all those who use the building or infrastructure, maintain it, through to those who are responsible for decommissioning or recycling it at the end of its life.

There are many health and safety risks that construction professionals need to manage, from dealing with asbestos, to the impact of multiple trades working together. Then there’s managing compliance, including certifications and local regulations.

Health and safety monitoring systems and policies in the workplace also need to be created and managed. Core elements to effectively managing for health and safety are:

  •  Leadership and management
  • A trained/ skilled workforce
  • Clear communications which use all avenues available, to make sure messages are shared
  • An environment where people are trusted and involved
  • Formal frameworks can enable companies to manage their health and safety requirements more effectively

For Directors and Executive teams, an health and safety management system can provide evidence that the workforce is being protected, that corporate social responsibility duties are being managed and reduces the likelihood of fines and prosecutions.

Health and Safety Professionals can embed best practice, which will enable you to manage your risks and meet compliance requirements. This may result in new tenders won for future projects.

How we can help you to remain vigilant when it comes to health & safety

Through the value and expertise of our people, we embed excellence across the globe in organizations like yours, to improve your health and safety performance and resilience. Our teams are recruited from the construction and built environment sectors, and have direct knowledge of the management of health and safety within these industries, so you know you’re in capable hands.

We will help you to understand and apply health and safety solutions to your organization for safer working conditions, enabling you to reduce operational risks and minimize hazards.

Our solutions

We have a wide range of solutions to help you manage health and safety:

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