Managing Digital Technology

From augmented reality, to the Internet of Things, BIM and Smart Cities, digital construction is evolving and embracing new technologies can be daunting. Ensuring your team has the right knowledge and the new skills needed is vital in order to become a market leader, keep up with the competition and be able to tender for new opportunities. You also need to educate clients and other stakeholders so they understand the requirements and benefits.

There may be bigger security risks, so it’s important to consider information resilience – ensure you are able to stand the test of time by adopting digital technologies, while putting robust systems in place to protect them.

The efficiency savings to be made embracing the digital world can be huge, as well as offering you with a competitive advantage – especially if you’re first to market with a new technology.

Change can be a positive thing for your business if you embrace it.

How we can help

From security concerns to interoperability challenges, we have been working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders from product manufacturers to network providers and government agencies to develop best practice that is relevant today and in the future.

We have developed a wide range of frameworks and specifications across smart cities, infrastructure and the built environment. This includes our series of Building Information Modelling (BIM) specifications which are being adopted across the globe.

For Directors and Executive teams, embracing digital technologies can strategically place your organization ahead of competitors. It can also drive efficiency and cost savings.

For Technical Managers it can help increase the adoption of new ways of working more effectively and make digital construction business as usual.

Our solutions

Whether your digital journey is just beginning or you’re already fully on-board with new technologies, we can support you – no matter where you are in the lifecycle of a building project.