Managing cost, quality and projects in the construction industry

Resilient organizations need to have a full understanding of how they are run and the environment in which they operate. Whatever your entry point on a construction project, your responsibilities for managing an asset or its decommission, effective budget, quality and project management need to be taken into consideration.

We can help you with the following challenges:

•   Identifying customer needs and operational improvements

•   Delivering projects on time and on budget

•   Reducing the risks of defects or failures, delays, overspending and environmental impacts

•   Improving risk and health and safety management

•  Managing gaps in employee knowledge and skills required

•  Creating formal frameworks to manage your quality requirements effectively

Our team of built environment experts will work with you to ensure that your whole organization work to the highest standard, on time and within budget.

Solutions to your quality challenges

We are passionate about embedding excellence. From Eurocodes PLUS, to Lean Six Sigma, Project and Quality Management, our solutions allow companies to take control and improve efficiency in key areas:

Quality Management – ISO 9001

Our clients have told us that certification to ISO 9001 has helped them to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, improve process efficiencies, decrease risk and develop resilience. 

We’ve been pioneering the BIM standards adoption and certification to help companies reduce waste and inefficiency.  

Eurocodes PLUS 

Eurocodes PLUS is a software tool that provides a smarter way of working for you and your team, saving time and money throughout the construction process. Our clients have found it has helped them to quickly locate the information they need, reduce workload and remain compliant.
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Explore the many areas we can help you with

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