Built environment

The built environment we create influences both the physical and psychological wellbeing of the people who live in it and interact with it. Social, environmental, human rights, ethics and core strategies have to be managed to bring value for stakeholders whilst minimizing adverse effects. The value and well-being of the construction workforce is particularly important, considering skills shortages, and the potential impact of digital technologies.

You and your organization can lead the way by developing and maintaining an attitude of positive social responsibility and bringing positive impact on society. If you run a resilient organization, you’ll have a full understanding of how it is run and the environment in which you operate. You’ll have demonstrable evidence that your organization is not complacent, and is always challenging itself to improve performance and grow sustainably.

For Directors and Senior Executive teams, robust corporate social responsibility provides evidence of due diligence and business continuity.

For compliance professionals it provides robust frameworks to embed best practice and provide visibility across the organization.

Work with us to improve

We developed the world’s first environmental standard and offer many solutions that support sustainable development, resource management and enable you to validate your commitment to social responsibility.

Through the value and expertise of our people, we embed excellence in organizations across the globe to improve our client’s environmental performance and resilience.

Our solutions

We have a wide range of solutions to help you manage social and environmental responsibilities:

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