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Assets are essential to our lives

Everything within the built environment must be maintained and managed. Increasing pressure is placed on these assets, whether through rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure, climate change or water scarcity. These assets will continue to be central to our existence and therefore will always need managing, often with less available resources. Well managed assets can realize huge value, but using outdated approaches can result in underperformance and losses.

We understand asset owners challenges, such as:

  • Gaining a complete understanding of what assets you possess, their condition, and the required maintenance activities and budget can be difficult
  •  Higher customer expectations demand better service levels whilst budgets to cover these service levels can be hard to come by
  • Increasing safety and regulatory requirements and public scrutiny relative to human health, the environment, and public investment are elements that need to be recognised and addressed
  • Scarce capital reserves, high operating and capital costs, and flat operating revenues cause issues for refurbishment and reinvestment
  • Energy consumption management
  • More frequent extreme weather events demand a more resilient infrastructure

Finding the optimal balance between operational performance, financial performance, and the risks inherent along the asset lifecycle is challenging, but in order for assets to stand the test of time and to be operationally resilient, you will need greater visibility and more efficient ways of working to ensure costs don’t spiral and quality reduce.

How we can help

Facilities management professionals have extensive responsibilities for providing, maintaining and developing myriad services. These range from property strategy, space management and communications infrastructure to building maintenance, administration and contract management.

Since 1901, we have been working with companies right across the supply chain, so we understand the challenges you face. We can help you to build organizational resilience, to help you succeed in the long-term, reduce risks and be adaptable to change.

Our clients tell us that our services enable them to improve their products and services, increase their competitive edge, reduce the likelihood of mistakes, and manage their risk.

Working with us provides a business tool which inspires trust.

Our asset management solutions set out good asset management practice, with embedded continual improvement technology.

BSI Kitemark for BIM Asset Management gives you reassurance that asset managers and facilities managers have integrated BIM into their asset management processes. and confirms that Asset Information is accurate and up-to-date.

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