Construction, Handover and Closeout

The construction, handover and close-out stages of a built asset bring many changes, risks and opportunities for both a positive and negative outcome and finished product. Having supported industry since 1901, our team of experts understand your business challenges:

  • Significant risks across the supply chain, especially if a close-working relationship is not established
  • Poor communication with all stakeholders can cause delays, health and safety issues, environmental concerns and lack of quality control
  • Security issues both onsite, and with client data
  • Management of finances to avoid increasing costs
  • Relevant documentation not provided at the right time can cause conflicts between your clients, employees and other stakeholders
  • Difficulties may arise in recruiting and retaining trained staff, increasing costs and time

How we can help

Since 1901, we have been working with companies right across the supply chain, so we understand the challenges you face. We can help you to build organizational resilience, to help you succeed in the long-term, reduce risks and be adaptable to change.

Our clients tell us that our services enable them to improve their products and services, increase their competitive edge, reduce the likelihood of mistakes, and manage their risk.

Working with us provides a business tool which inspires trust.

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