Asset Management and Facilities Management in the Built Environment

Asset management should include all items owned by your company that are of value, take into account that they will depreciate over time, and make note of how key they are to the function of your business.

Keeping track of all these moving parts can seem overwhelming without a solid organizational plan in place. The best way for any fast-paced company to manage its assets is to implement a simple asset management system in the workplace.

An asset management system allows you to organize your resources more effectively, which in turn increases the potential for more growth. This includes physical assets like equipment and machinery, to more intangible assets like time.

If you are responsible for facilities management, keeping facilities safe, meeting compliance standards, controlling costs and maintaining visibility may be some of the challenges you face. Plus as BIM (Building Information Modelling) becomes more the norm at handover stage for built assets, confidence in the digital information of an asset may be an issue.

How we can help

Positive asset management enables you to build greater visibility, controls and resilience for the longer term. We have the tools to help you run an efficient asset management strategy to contribute to better operating results, performance and ultimately improving the bottom line.