Asset and facilities management

 Whether you are looking to maximise your return on assets, minimise whole life costs and utilisation rates, or deliver optimal workplace environments, we have the tools to help you build greater visibility, controls and resilience for the longer term.

If you are responsible for facilities management, keeping facilities safe, meeting compliance standards, controlling costs and maintaining visibility may be some of the challenges you face.

If you are responsible for asset management, maximising a return on net assets, balancing risk and performance and increasing business process reliability may be some of the key elements you are looking to control. Plus as BIM (Building Information Modelling) becomes more the norm at handover stage for built assets, confidence in the digital information of an asset may be an issue.

How we can help

We have the tools to help you run an efficient asset or facilities management strategy to contribute to better operating results, performance and ultimately improving the bottom line.

The reassuringly easy way to work with standards

BSOL is a simple online tool that gives you instant access to standards you need.