Construction: Coping with compliance

We know you need to meet legal requirements and manage the risks within your environment, and we can help you to achieve this with best practise solutions.

Regulatory compliance represents a major challenge for the construction industry – and for manufacturers supplying this important sector. The number and reach of relevant regulations is extensive, covering fields as diverse as the health and safety of workers, the efficacy of building materials and products, and the legality of construction contracts.

With BSI,  adopting industry standards and certification, combined with training and business improvement software, can help firms remain legally ‘on side’ – and provide some defence from investigations, prosecutions and penalties.

We can help you to:

  • Meet your environmental and health and safety regulatory requirements
  • Reduce health and safety incidents
  • Improve safety for your workforce and the public
  • For manufacturers: gain CE marking to prove your products  meet the minimum legal requirements, such as health and safety, as laid down by EU regulators

Your technical advantage

BSI tools can help you establish internationally recognised frameworks which help you identify the legal and other requirements that are applicable for your business. From health and safety to environmental management, you can implement the necessary controls to achieve compliance, enhance efficiency, and increase the sustainability of your business.

Your commercial advantage

Adopting standards and achieving certification can go beyond demonstrating compliance. Your company reputation and ability to compete in the marketplace can also benefit. By demonstrating compliance using BSI’s tools you can also:

  • Protect your commercial performance
  • Provide some defence from investigations or prosecutions
  • Defend your brand reputation
  • Meet your corporate social responsibility

Over 60% of our construction industry clients say our services can help them to build customer trust in their business, attract new business, and help them to comply with regulations.

Embed the right culture

Choose standards and certification with BSI and you can  fully embed processes into your organization's culture. This means for example your health and safety and environmental requirements have a greater chance of being met, and the company will gain greater efficiency as a result.

For example, since gaining certification to ISO 14001, Environmental Management Systems and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, Costain has reduced the total amount of waste it generates by 53%, diverted 93% from landfill, and reduced measured carbon emissions by 46% in the last four year. They've also achieved an accident frequency rate (AFR) of 0.09, a reduction of 47% over the last five years.

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