Construction: Excellence through collaboration

We understand that communication failures between architects, designers, contractors and procurement teams compromise the efficient delivery of building and infrastructure projects.

Greater collaboration brings greater efficiency, but it does more than that. Real collaboration brings trusted partnerships and long term alignment.

With over 100 client managers with construction industry expertise, we have the industry knowledge and day to day experience of assessing construction companies all over the UK. We help support our clients and understand the challenges that fragmented supply chains can cause.

Your technical advantage

Communication issues can result in rework costs, clashes, inefficiency, delays and fines. To add to this, the UK Government has mandated that all contractors who are tendering for UK Government projects have to do so by proving they have met Level 2 BIM by 2016.

BSI tools can help you to overcome these problems, achieve better working relationships through mutual trust, and deliver faster and more efficient results through shared goals.

Your commercial advantage

We’ve seen many construction companies achieve real commercial success as a result of collaborative working, from joint ventures in order to deliver a specific project through to the benefits of longer term collaborative partnerships. Collaboration can open up opportunities to tender for business in new sectors, enable companies to gain a competitive edge, and improve business performance.  Efficient delivery of projects through shared information and joint goals can achieve greater client satisfaction.