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Fix Auto Dagenham Recommends BSI

There is a great deal of myth, commentary and general ‘noise’ about the role of BSI in our sector and the inspection process.

So, I felt compelled to drop BSI a line following a recent inspection by your team and give you some feedback. Essentially, the recent experience we had was nothing less than exemplary!

We are in transition from PAS to full British Standard, and that was causing and raising a number of issues and challenges. Your Auditor, Tom Buckley, made everyone feel at ease - he was professional, concise and very helpful. He took everyone through the process with a degree of pragmatism, coupled with a level-headed approach which I hope you will consider adopting more.

I highly commend the team at BSI, the audit process and your audit team, especially Tom Buckley, for their assistance and professionalism.

I started by saying there is a great deal of ‘noise’. From what our team experienced, I can say without reservation, that is utter rubbish.

I’d be grateful if these comments from our team are fed back to the appropriate areas.

Chris Oliver

Managing Director

Fix Auto Dagenham

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