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Standards Development

Bringing together experts to define solutions that advance your sector. Develop industry standards, supported by our team and global industry leaders.

Leading Industry

Develop a standard with BSI to showcase leadership and bolster your sector for future advancements

Both private and public sectors can sponsor a fast-track standard with our expert guidance.

A fast-track standard establishes best practices for products, services, and processes. BSI offers two main pathways: a PAS standard, or an iterative BSI Flex standard, both of which are tailored to your industry's needs.

Our subject matter experts can advise on the best route. Contact our team to let us know about the standard you are looking to create, or download our brochure.

Why sponsor a fast-track standard?

By streamlining the standardization process, fast-track standards accelerate innovation, reduce time-to-market, and address urgent industry needs.

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    Increase confidence in your products and services. Standards define best practices to build trust.

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    Demonstrate leadership to gain market credibility, and show your commitment to quality.

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    Raise your profile by partnering with us, a globally recognized standards leader.

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    Create solutions by bringing world leading experts together, sharing knowledge and expertise.

Insights & Media

Resources on standards development initiatives helping to improve the world

Explore the latest thinking from the experts creating new standards and innovating existing ones.

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Get involved in shaping and developing standards

From strategic standards guidance, to sponsoring new standards, to understanding existing standards relevant to your sector, we can help.

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