BS 99001 Built Environment Quality Management


The new British Standard focussing on the application of the international quality management standard BS EN ISO 9001:2015 in the built environment has been published on the 19 of July 2022.


BSI is committed to supporting the built environment through their challenges including adoption of sustainable practices, prioritization of people and digital transformation.
The introduction of this new standard will underpin all of these strategic objectives.


To provide confidence and trust in the implementation process, BSI is delighted to announce the development of a new management system scheme against the requirements of BS 99001.

As usual BSI will be working with organizations to help develop and fine tune the scheme requirements and assessment processes prior to an official launch.


If your organization would like to know more about this process or would like to participate in the pilot stage of the scheme development, please register your interest by submitting your details in the form below: