Getting started with AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management

Quality management in the aerospace industry can be the defining factor between financial success and costly mistakes. AS 9100 can standardize the way you work and secure a solid industry reputation. 

What is AS 9100 Aerospace Quality Management?

AS 9100 (BS EN 9100) is the single common quality management standard for the aerospace industry. It is used and supported by the world’s leading aerospace companies and throughout their supply chains. AS 9100 can be used by organizations across the aerospace sector, including design, manufacturing, maintenance and distributing companies. If you certify to the standard you can be confident that you have an effective quality management system in place. AS 9100 may also be essential to achieving your trade licence, making it essential now and in the future.  

What are the benefits of AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management?

  • Reduce the risk product or service mistakes and fatal failures
  • Demonstrate effective quality management to achieve a licence to trade
  • Get a listing in the Online Supplier Information System (OASIS) database
  • Become a preferred supplier and gain customer and stakeholder trust
  • Continually improve and win international growth opportunities. 

Associate consultant programme

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Get the additional support and advice you need to become certified with our associate consultant programme. We can connect you with over 200 UK members who offer specialist consultancy services independent of BSI.

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