BSI Standards Awards 2017

List of 2017 winners

About the Awards

The BSI Standards Awards are the most prestigious awards BSI gives to standards-makers and were created to recognize outstanding contributions by emerging standards-makers, international standards-makers, innovators, consumer champions, industry leaders and committee chairs and secretaries. In addition, with the special Wolfe Barry Medal, BSI recognizes exceptional commitment and contribution to standards-making by an individual. Through their services to standards-making, all the winners are helping their sectors to develop and grow, and helping to safeguard consumers.

Award details and citations

BSI Wolfe Barry Medal

The most prestigious of the BSI Standards Awards, this award recognizes an outstanding contribution to standards making by an individual committee member. The recipient can be a serving or recently retired committee member. They should have been contributing to the development of a standard or standards which have had a significant impact on industry, the economy and/or the public good.

Dr Brian Simpson

The BSI Wolfe Barry Medal is given to Brian for his outstanding leadership, commitment, expertise and impact in the field of geotechnical engineering standards over the past 37 years. The standards he has been so instrumental in helping to develop, Eurocodes, have had a major impact on structural engineering design across Europe and even beyond. Brian has been a Vice Chair, Chair and leader of the UK Delegation in this area of standards development and is known for his diplomacy skills and power of persuasion both of which are bolstered by his technically sound and logical reasoning. Brian is an innovator, developing new geotechnical design practices within the standards, and a mentor, supporting numerous committee members to develop their understanding and skills.

BSI Consumer Voice Award

This award recognizes an exceptional contribution to standards development by a consumer representative. It must be clear how the individual has contributed to / impacted the standard(s) being developed so that it recognizes the needs of consumers.

Inga Filmer

The BSI Consumer Voice Award is given to Inga for her many years of committed and passionate representation of consumers in the area of white goods safety. Over the past 20 years, Inga has helped fellow standards-makers to better understand how products may be used in the average home environment and to give more thought to foreseeable misuse, ensuring these are taken to account in the standards. Inga is not only able to clearly and constructively represent consumers but she also demonstrates technical understanding and this has enabled her to champion consumers in both national and European standards development.

BSI Emerging Standards Maker Award

This award recognizes an individual who is new to standards-making but who has already made a notable contribution. Nominees should have served on a BSI committee for five years or less but their age is immaterial. It must be clear how the individual’s contribution has made a difference to their committee and/or the standards-making process.

Pete Cansdale

The BSI Emerging Standards Maker Award is given to Pete for his contribution to standards for customer contact centres created from the perspective of the customer experience. Pete was a passionate and articulate champion for this approach and the UK position. He was able to influence and encourage the group to follow his recommendation and was instrumental in ensuring the text was clear, concise and jargon-free. Pete also showed a gift for building clarity, consensus and strong working relationships.

BSI Industry Leadership Award

This award recognizes exceptional support for standards-making by a trade association or professional body or an individual company. The recipient will have demonstrated how they have supported and enabled committee members to actively participate in standards-making and how, as an organization, they have constructively engaged in standards-making and supported the benefits of using standards. The number of seats held by the organization is immaterial.

The British Coatings Federation (BCF)

The BSI Industry Leadership Award is presented to the British Coatings Federation (BCF) for their outstanding contribution to and their leadership in the development of standards for coatings, paints and packaging. BCF members represent 95% of the UK’s sales of coatings, inks and wallcoverings. They proactively manage their stakeholder representatives on committees and promote opportunities to comment on drafts, making special efforts to ensure the voices of small businesses are heard. They are a driving force in the development and use of standards in their field. 

BSI Innovation Award

This award recognizes innovation in standards-making either in the standards development process or in the ability to develop effective standards in new/emerging areas. There will need to be clear evidence of how/why this is ground-breaking. In the case of innovation in the process, it would be preferable (but not compulsory) if the innovation is replicable in other sectors of standards-making.

Phil Cumming

The BSI Innovation Award is presented to Phil for his ground-breaking work in the development of the first standard for the circular economy. This is one of BSI’s new generation of principles-based standards. Phil was instrumental in ensuring the content was applicable to real-world scenarios by user-testing the principles, tweeting, blogging, speaking at industry events and encouraging fellow committee members to do the same.

BSI International Standards-Maker Award

This award is to recognize an exceptional contribution to representing, championing and safe-guarding UK committees’ positions in European and/or international standards-making. The recipient can be a serving or recently retired committee member who has been involved in European or international standards-making. Recipients will have demonstrated how their contribution has specifically supported UK interests or positions. They should have been contributing to the development of a standard(s) which has a significant impact on industry, the economy and/or the public good.

Lou Bedocs

The BSI International Standards-Maker Award is presented to Lou for his inspiring leadership in European standardization for light and lighting applications. Lou was instrumental in the creation of a new standard for quantifying energy use by lighting within buildings. It was Lou’s technical knowledge, political agility, inclusivity and frank and friendly approach that ensured the successful outcome.


Ian Byrne

The BSI International Standards-Maker Award is presented to Ian for his outstanding dedication and contribution to energy management standards. Ian has a passion for sustainability and the impact standards have in this sector. He is well-respected by his national and international peers and is often sought after by other countries for his expertise in this field of standards development.


David Hawkins

The BSI International Standards-Maker Award is presented to David for his outstanding work and inclusive approach in the field of collaborative business relationships standards. David has been the driving force behind standards development in this area since 2006, even reaching out to relevant stakeholders around the world to get them involved. His inclusive, proactive and dedicated approach to the task in hand are what ensured success.

BSI Leadership Award

This award was created to recognize outstanding leadership and commitment by committee chairmen. The recipient should be a serving or recently retired Chairman. They should have demonstrated exceptional skills in leading the committee but also in supporting and mentoring new committee members.

Maxi Brown

The BSI Leadership Award is presented to Maxi for her outstanding contribution and leadership in the development of standards for personal protective equipment. Maxi is adept at leading a diverse and vocal group of stakeholders to consensus and is well respected amongst standards makers and the wider industry. Her extensive expertise also enables her to help give strategic direction to the standards work programme in her field.


Nigel Carter

The BSI Leadership Award is presented to Nigel for his outstanding leadership in the development of greenhouse gas management standards, an area he has been leading since 2002. Nigel is able to be both strategic and pragmatic; he is a leader, problem-solver, mentor, expert, voice of reason and an ambassador for standards. Nigel is well respected by his fellow standards makers in the UK and abroad and his leadership will be missed after he retires later this year.

BSI UK Committee Secretary Award

This award recognizes an exceptional contribution by a secretary of any committee for which BSI holds the secretariat. BSI staff members and external secretaries under the auspices of BSI; national, European and international secretaries are all eligible. The recipient will have demonstrated how they have gone above and beyond to support and advance the standards development work of the committee and thus positively impacted the output.

Stephanie Kosandiak

The BSI UK Committee Secretary Award is presented to Stephanie for her outstanding dedication, professionalism and service in the management of committees in the field of facilities management. Stephanie has been pivotal member of the team in this area of standards development, managing and facilitating the work both nationally and internationally earning respect and building productive working relationships across the field of facilities management.