Distinguished Service Certificates

Distinguished service certificates (DSC) are awarded in recognition of the contribution made by national Committee Members to standardization and standards development.

They can be presented (not exclusively) for the following:

  • Recognition of the contribution of a committee chairman
  • Recognition of a major contribution by a UK convenor, project leader or expert in the field of international and/or European standardization
  • Recognition of long and active service
  • Recognition of contribution to a specific standards project
  • Recognition of contribution in promoting standards and standardization
  • Recognition of contribution as a committee secretary

Only one DSC can be awarded to an individual committee member, and as a result they are often presented when a member retires.

Members are generally nominated by their fellow committee members. To nominate an individual for a DSC please contact the relevant committee secretary or send an email via the link on the right of this page.

The presentation of a DSC is usually made at a committee meeting or industry event. BSI announces recently awarded DSCs in the committee member bulletins.