Professor Haig Gulvanessian – International Standards Maker

International Standards Maker is awarded to Professor Gulvanessian

Professor Haig Gulvanessian (left) receives his award from Elisabeth Stampf-Blaha, ISO Vice-President (technical management)

Professor Haig Gulvanessian

Nominated by: Professor Steve Denton, Director of Engineering , Parsons Brinckerhoff, CEN/TC250; B525; B526; B525/10; Dr T.D. Gerard Canisius, Technical Director, URS I&E UK Ltd, B525/1; ISO TC98

Referees: Dr Andrew Bond, CEN/TC250; CEN /TC250/SC7; B525; B526; Dr Howard Taylor, CB/20; Dr Roger Pope, CEN/TC250/SC3; B525; B525/1; Mr John Lane, CEN/TC250/SC1; B525, B525/1

Professor Haig Gulvanessian has been involved in the development of national and international codes and standards in Civil and Structural Engineering since 1980. He has made an enormous contribution in this field, helping to shape national and international practice, particularly in connection with the development and implementation of the Structural Eurocodes. As a member of BSI committees B525 and B525/1 Professor Gulvanessian served from 1990 until very recently, with many years as Chairman, on several highly influential International Code committees. In his role of Chairman of these committees he achieved consensus and unanimous agreement from all EU and EFTA delegations for all standards under his responsibility. The Eurocodes under his leadership were the first to be ready as EN documents, and, as material independent standards, the development of EN 1990 and EN 1991 had to address significant conflicting interests and priorities from Government, material industries and product manufacturers. He worked to ensure that the views of the British Government and Industry were safeguarded and recognized. These new harmonized codes for the design of civil engineering structures in the UK and EU are essential to support Regulations and free movement of construction services and construction products in the EU. He has been for many years an advisor on the implementation of the Eurocodes to the Department of Communities and Local Government in the UK, the Highways Agency and the European Commission. He has published numerous papers and publications, some of which have been translated into French, Italian and Russian, confirming his international reputation. He has also participated in international and UK conferences, provides Eurocodes training courses, and is Chairman of the ICE Eurocode Expert Advisory Group. He has been awarded the CBE for Services to the Construction Industry.