Poor Communication Costing UK Construction Industry


30 Septmber 2003

BSI Business Information has launched PD 7503, an 'Introduction to Knowledge Management in Construction' that will serve as a guide for the UK construction industry to begin to embrace effective knowledge management.

It is estimated that defects in the UK construction industry, many of which are the result of the inefficient use and communication of information, cost at least £20 billion to correct every year.

Building projects that adopt effective knowledge management systems, such as better communication and sharing of information between designers, engineers and contractors, are more likely to be on time, on budget and experience less snagging problems.

David Williams, head of construction market development for BSI says: "Relatively few companies operating in the construction sector have fully embraced knowledge management. We hope PD 7503 will help to change that, as it offers an introductory guide on how to effectively manage the wealth of knowledge involved in the complete construction process from design to construction, handover and occupation and to ensure it is properly communicated and applied."

PD 7503 is available to download and is priced at £20.00 (plus VAT). Log on to https://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030068098 for further information.


For more information please contact:

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