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How standards are made - A female quality control engineer and senior male manager examine the quality of raw corrugated material
Standards Development

How you can help create the standards that make society better

Standards enable everything. That’s where you come in. We welcome the knowledge of anyone interested in developing standards to make the world better.

You can help develop standards where your knowledge and experience will make an impact

We are the UK’s National Standards Body and are here to ensure that UK stakeholder can influence the standards that matter to them.

There are many ways in which you can get involved in helping to define and develop standards.

These include viewing and commenting on draft standards or on proposals for new standards.

You could make suggestions for new British and International standards and/or support the creation a fast-track standard to meet a specific need.

There are multiple routes for participation, including by representing a stakeholder organization or a company or as an individual expert.

How standards are made - Mature inspector and manual worker going through paperwork in a factory

Become a standards-maker with us

As the UK’s National Standards Body we are here to ensure all voices are heard in the development of standards needed by UK stakeholders.

We publish around 2,500 standards in a year and enable close to 14,000 standards-makers to influence the standards that matter to them. Being standards-maker means making a difference.

Standards Development

What you gain as a stakeholder driven organization

Engaging with standards-making helps you gain insight into, and ensure your voice is heard in, the standards that matter most to you.

Develop the standards that will shape your industry

Getting involved gives you invaluable insight into standards development and the chance to be the voice of the UK in shaping international standards.

How standards are made - Businessman and senior woman looking at a document in a factory
  • Influence on the way your industry is shaped.

  • Feeding into global standardisation framework that shapes industries globally.

  • Early sight of requirement of standard you are working on.

  • Recognition of skills and expertise both as an individual and on a company basis.

  • Giving something back to industry and society.

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Being a standards-maker means making a difference

Our standards makers include individuals from every field from aerospace to agriculture, and every stakeholder group including consumers, government, environmental groups, charities, academia and industry.

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