Ethical and social responsibility


Our Global Social Responsibility Commitment

We recognize that we are in the very fortunate position of being able to help shape the way that the world handles social responsibility and contributes to sustainable development. Our Global Social Responsibility Commitment, provides the framework to help us make a truly positive impact through our own actions and ensures that social responsibility is an intrinsic element of our decisions, activities and culture.

Social responsibility code of conduct

Social responsibility is an important part of BSI’s ethical approach to business. BSI’s chairman Sir David Brown, introduces BSI’s Social Responsibility Code of Conduct which sets out how BSI’s values of integrity, continual improvement and inclusivity ensure BSI operates in a socially responsible way.

Social responsibility review

BSI’s Social Responsibility Review reports on how BSI is embedding sustainable business practice within its organisation as well as providing an update on BSI’s other social responsibility commitments and activities.

Business ethics

BSI prides itself on its highly ethical approach to all its undertakings and has set out the core values it brings to its business in BSI’s Code of Business Ethics. The Code of Business Ethics is actively promoted to employees throughout the Group.

Anti-bribery and corruption

It is BSI policy to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business dealings. BSI is committed to conducting its business dealings and relationships in a fair, honest and lawful way and has a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.


BSI Group has a confidential ‘whistleblowing’ telephone service which is independently maintained by an external provider, Expolink, and which allows employees and individuals outside BSI to report anonymously any practices they consider to be in breach of BSI’s Code of Business Ethics or otherwise improper.